CSS3: Hulu Sliding TV Menu

I was browsing Hulu a few days ago, and I saw that they have this small TV Menu section with up and down sliding of TV shows. The first thing I thought to myself was: hmm, can I make this in CSS3 using webkit transition? So I decided to look up how other people utilize… Read more »

CSS3 Gradient: Stop Sign

It’s the year 2011. CSS3 Gradients are kicking ass and making things more fun for web designers and developers. I personally haven’t tried them on real projects that I work on yet, but just looking at all the potential things they can do make me very excited. Chris Coyier has written up a very nice… Read more »

Visualizing WordPress Tags with Processing.js

I’ve studied a little bit of processing in my college years. It is an amazing programming language to visualize data and create unpredictable and beautiful graphics. Processing.js (thanks to John Resig) is a port of Processing to JavaScript, using the Canvas element to render. So today I’ve decided to try visualizing my WordPress tags using… Read more »

Get Tags from Specific Category in WordPress

Found a recipe from wprecipes about how to get tags specific from a category in WordPress. But that example didn’t include outputting the tags as links with number of counts. So I modified it a little to fit my needs and add this new function to my functions.php: function MyTagList($categoryName) { query_posts(‘category_name=’.$categoryName); if (have_posts()) :… Read more »

Auto-center images for jQuery Tools’ Scrollable

One of the jQuery Tools I really like is Scrollable. It is this beautiful and smooth image scrolling library that’s also easy to implement. Its out-of-box mouse wheel feature is also terrific. If all the images in the gallery are in the same size, then everything easily got centered and nicely positioned. However, if I… Read more »

Stop Ignoring Each Other: Fixed vs Absolute

The CSS position properties allow elements to be visually presented and positioned quite accurately on screen. This is definitely a concept that’s easy to grab but hard to absorb. Some of these properties are ignored by the normal work flow and each other while some of them respect the CSS “gravity.” Recently a friend of… Read more »